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California Rules of Court provide the public with reasonable access to court records for viewing and duplication. Court records are presumed to be open, unless they are considered confidential  or are sealed by a judge. Although rules of court also provide for the use of electronic records, Santa Cruz  work mostly with records that are not electronic at this time. Visit our online services page for remote access to these case types (click here).  Santa Cruz will transition to more electronic records in 2016.

Viewing and Duplicating Records

Court records for all case types may be viewed and duplicated by visiting the court location at 701 Ocean Street in Santa Cruz. Family law and small claims records, however, must be viewed in Watsonville at the courthouse at 1 Second Street. The court operates public viewing rooms in both locations. Records can be viewed and duplication can be requested. Availability of records and standard turnaround times can vary from a couple of days to several weeks so please plan accordingly. You may email questions at

 Fees applicable to duplicating court records:

  • Search Fee (records searches exceeding 10 minutes):
$15.00 per search
  • File Retrieval Fee (for older records stored offsite):
$15.00 per file
  • Photocopy Fee:  
$0.50 per page
  • Certification Fee (does not include copy fee):
$25.00 per document / standard packet
  • Comparison Certification Fee:
$1.00 per page + Certification Fee
  • Exemplified Copies:
  • Certified Copy of Dissolution:
$15.00 + Copy Fee
  • Postage and Handling:
See Request for Copy Form

Request for viewing and duplicating should be made using the court’s Research and Copy Request Form. 


Public Agencies:

Effective July 1, 2015, public (governmental) agencies will be charged photocopy fees, along with other applicable fees, on all copy requests. See the Court’s notice regarding charging public agencies for copy fees.


Judicial administrative records

California Rules of Court specify conditions under which the public may be granted access to judicial administrative records. These types of records are administrative in nature and do not include records related to cases or court proceedings. Use the link below to obtain more information about public access to judicial administrative records.

Electronic Recording & Court Reporters Transcripts

The Court uses different methods for recording the content of hearings for different types of cases. For misdemeanor cases, the Court uses electronic recording technology to record the proceeding, whereas for Felony cases, the Court uses Court Reporters to capture the content of the proceeding.

Requests for CDs of electronically recorded misdemeanor proceedings

To request an electronic recording of a misdemeanor case, please use the Court’s request form (click here). There is a $25.00 fee for an audio CD. If your request includes multiple days or proceedings, there is an additional $5.00 charge per day. Because the Court cannot extract individual cases from the day’s hearings, an entire audio CD(s) for the date requested will be created.  Upon completion of the CD, a Court staff member will notify the requesting party that the CD is available.

Full payment must be submitted to the Court before the published CD will be released to the requesting party. Request may be made in person or by mail, again using the Court’s request form. You may contact the court at 831-420-2300 if you have any questions.

Requests for Court Reporter transcripts

A transcript of court proceedings is a verbatim record of everything said by the judge, attorneys, witnesses, and others during a court hearing or trial. If a hearing or trial was reported by a court reporter, that court reporter is responsible for preparing the transcript of the hearing as required by law or upon request. Except for those transcripts prepared for the court for certain criminal matters, all other parties requesting transcripts are required to pay reporters for the preparation of transcripts at the rate prescribed by law.

If you are seeking a reporter’s transcript, you must contact the Court Reporter directly. The name of the Official Reporter is included on the court minute order.  (In the state of California, a reporter’s transcript is the property of each individual Court Reporter. The Court cannot supply a copy of the transcript, so requests must be made with the Reporter.) The following is a listing of the Court Reporters and their desk phone number:

   Deanna Pfaff – 831-420-2415 - 

   Retta Parsons – 831-420-2468 -

   Tanis O’Connor – 831-420-2408 -

   Heidi Bloemker – 831-420-2397 -

   Janette Hill – 831-420-2392 -

   Heather Roseman – 831-420-2382 -

   Ellarae Ramey – 831-420-2403 -

Requests for Court Reporter transcripts should be made using the Court's transcript request form (click here)Once the transcript request is received, the court reporter will contact you directly with a cost and time estimate for the preparation of the transcript.



How do I get a copy of my court records?

you have a case number and you would like copies of the record(s), complete a Research and Copy Request (SUP CV 981) form along with a check with the words “NOT TO EXCEED $50.00” to cover the initial cost of copying. You will be notified by mail or phone should the cost exceed $50.00. Checks and money orders should be made to Superior Court of Santa Cruz County and mailed to:

Superior Court of Santa Cruz County

Attn: Records Division

701 Ocean Street, Room 120

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

If you don’t have a case number, you first need to request a criminal background check as outlined below in addition to requesting copies of your records.

I would like to have a Criminal Background check performed.

For records of criminal cases prosecuted in Santa Cruz County, submit a request using the Research and Copy Request Form (SUPCV 981) and include the full name (including aliases), date of birth and California driver’s license number of the person who is the subject of the search. There is a $15.00 fee for each search that requires more than 10 minutes (many searches take at least 10 minutes). This fee is due at the time of the request. Please include payment for each search ($15.00) listed on the request form and mail the form with a check or money order to the the following address:

Superior Court of Santa Cruz County

Attn: Records Division

701 Ocean Street, Room 120

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Court records prior to 1994 may be available for viewing on the public microfiche machine located in the Criminal Records Unit at 701 Ocean St, Room 120 Santa Cruz.

For a copy of your California Department of Justice Record, which includes all criminal cases in California, go to for more information.

How can I clean up my criminal record?

For General information on how the process works in California visit
Please keep in mind that the procedure for making the request varies from county to county. Please check with each individual county where you have cases before proceeding.

For help with Santa Cruz County Cases attend one of the screenings offered by the Superior Court or the Public Defender’s Clean Slate Program.
Clean Slate Office Hour
Record Clearance Screening


Mailing Address:
Superior Court of California, County of Santa Cruz 701 Ocean Street, Room 120 Santa Cruz, CA 95060