Local Rules

Current Local Rules


Local Rules of Court effective August 1, 2017

List of Local Forms effective July 1, 2017


Proposed Local Rules of Court 

Proposed Local Rules of Court and Local Forms for January 1, 2018

Proposed Local Rules January 1, 2018 

Proposed Local Forms:    Ex Parte Application and Order to Seal an Unlawful Detainer

     Civil Order After Hearing

     Civil Stipulation and Order

Changes in the rules document above are noted with strike-outs for deleted text, and red text for inserted text.

Public Review

The proposed rules were posted on September 5, 2017. The closing date for public comment is October 20, 2017.

To submit comments about these proposed rules, please email the Court at: proposed.rules@santacruzcourt.org.

Final Posting

The final rules will be posted at this site on January 2, 2018